2016 Courage Classic - July 23-24 - Updated 7/28/16

This is year 2 for me riding the Courage Classic.  Last summer was a blast and I ended up raising $ 7,030 and winning a trip to Europe for my fundraising efforts! 

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This time it's a 2 day event:

Day 1:

  • 79 miles

Day 2:

  • 103 miles

Vertical Feet of Climbing:

  • 13,197 ft

July 24, 2016

Day 2…Finished!  

Today started 1 degree warmer than yesterday.  48.  

We left Copper Mountain at 0600 and cycled down through the chilly air along Ten Mile Creek into Frisco.  We rode north out of Silverthorne to Ute Pass.  

Today’s ride was a bit numb….  numb on the seat.  We rode 50 miles and climbed just 2001’ vertical.   

To date, I have raised $4,335.00!!!  I have still not reached my goal of $5,000.00 but there is still time!  

August 31 is the cut off.  

IF you still want to, I know the kids over at Denver Children’s Hospital would GREATLY appreciate it!  So would I for that matter ;)  I rode my ass off hard for them!

July 23, 2016

Day 1 Courage Classic COMPLETE!!!   Phew!  

Started at 0600.  It was about 47 degrees.  Made great time from Copper Mountain to Fremont Pass, 11,318’, Tennessee Pass, 10,424’ and Vail Pass, 10,666.  Rode 80.1 miles and climbed a total of 5,646’ vertical in 6:01:47.  The weather was beautiful!   At the bottom of the 2nd pass, my derailer was not working and I thought I was going to be in high gear for the climb..  Luckily it switched over JUST when I needed it, making my climb easy!                           

Lunch was at 11:00 in Minturn, CO. Then the long 20 miles back to Copper via Vail Pass.  A nice slow climb with some pretty solid hills stuck in there!  Needless to say I was cursing Matt during some point in this climb because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here!! 

Also, if it wasn’t for him, I would not have ridden last summer and raised $7030 and won a trip to Europe.  Well… I did that all on my own, but it wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t ask me to join for such a great cause. 

As to date, I have raised $4,110.00 towards my goal of $5,000.00.  Thanks once again to all of you who have supported me and if you would still like to, there is time!!  This is my LAST time riding the Courage Classic.  So unfortunately you will not be getting any phone calls next year asking for money!   No cool updates either




July 19, 2016

Hi Everyone! 

This weekend, July 23-24 is the BIG weekend.  The Courage Classic kicks off out of Copper Mountain Saturday early morning for our first day.  We will be riding what is known as the ‘Copper Triangle’.  It is 3 mountain passes, about 6000’ feet of climbing in 78 miles.  Last year was a surprise for me on Vail Pass.  It kicked my butt!   This year, I am prepared!    

The last few weeks has been super busy with flying and trying to get some rides in.  I opted for a nice day of climbing 4 14-ers on Sunday.  So the riding took a slight back seat until this morning.  Mounts Lincoln, Democrat, Bross and Cameron all sit above 14,000’.  You can access all 4 on a 7.8 mile loop.  It was beautiful weather and good company!   The legs STILL feel it today ;)

As far as the fundraising has been going, I have raised just over 50% of my goal to date.  Thanks once again to all of you who have supported me and if you would still like to, there is time!!  This is my LAST time riding the Courage Classic.  So unfortunately you will not be getting any phone calls next year asking for money!   No cool updates either!

This was taken at the last peak we climbed…  Democrat Mountain. 14,148'

Again, the children at Denver Children’s Hospital and I really appreciate your support!!!    

Enjoy your weekend and look forward to some updates after day 1 of the Courage Classic!

June 29, 2016

Hello!  I hope everyone is getting out side to enjoy this beautiful weather we are all having?!!    I have been riding a TON lately in prep for my first big ride, the Triple Bypass, which is on July 10.  Then two weeks after is the Courage Classic, which is why I am writing today!

I promised you all an update of my progress with training and my fundraising.

So far, I have raised $2,230.00.  I have set a goal of raising $5,000.00 so I am almost half way there!  Thanks to all of you who have already donated.  It is much appreciated by me and by the countless children at Denver Children’s Hospital!

For training, I have been getting out on Scott a few times a week.  This past was the most progress I would say, starting with a short 20.6 mile ride with Matt on Thursday in Denver, then a nice 37.8 mile with Tanya (also riding the CC w Matt & me) and Alan in the mountains up near Silverthorne, and then a crazy long ride on Sunday.  That was from Copper to Vail Village for lunch, then back up to the top of Vail Pass and down into Silverthorne with Brian, who I am riding the Triple Bypass with.  Total 60 miles and 3,461’ of vertical climb, so far the longest ride I have been on all season…  I went over to Aspen with Matt on Monday to ride up to the Pine Creek Cookhouse, which is 12 miles in on a nice climbing road. 

June 6, 2016 Update

For training, I have done Lookout Mountain a few times, and I am getting faster and stronger each time.  I rode up in Silverthorne for the first time this weekend, now that the weather is much nicer up there I will continue to ride more up there (at elevation).  

I am planning a trip to Aspen to visit some friends and do some riding out there at the end of the month.  About a month and a half ago I rode 'Flagstaff’ up in Boulder with 2 friends, one of which was not ready for it, like myself.  Needless to say, it kicked our asses and we did not complete it, so I am sure I will go back by end of training to see if I can conquer the darn hill.   Vail Pass, Loveland Pass, Dillon Reservoir, there’s so much to ride up in Silverthorne, I just need to not fly so I can get to them!!   ;p



THANK YOU SO MUCH again for your efforts!  The children in Denver Children's Hospital are ever so grateful for your donations and my riding!



May 15, 2016 Update

I am training much harder for this years ride, as last years was very difficult.  I will keep you posted on my training rides (once spring appears & ski season is over).

The Courage Classic starts July 23-24.  Oh, this year I am upping my fundraising efforts and hoping to raise $10,000 ;)

Frontier Airlines COO, Bill Meehan has offered to give my team the minimumsponsorship, since I was having a difficult time getting an answer from marketing before the deadline.  I am excited to have my company name on the back of my shirt knowing they support me, my team and Children's Hospital.  THANKS SO MUCH FRONTIER!!!

I really appreciate your taking the time to help out this cause! THANKS AGAIN! 

Last year I sent out my 'Thank You's' as I was getting donations.  This year, I believe I will get some made, and send them all at once after the event, with a cool picture from this summer!  So in the meantime, know the gratitude is there!!

Jessica Sarkisian