The Air-Pilot Shows Her Mastery in Professional Photography

November 27, 2015 

If you’re a professional photographer and focus majorly on wonderful landscape, aerial or floral photo images, why not plan to drop at the Birds & Belles Boutique, well located in Denver Colorado. To discover what is called profoundness in photography, angling ideas and brilliance, confidently the incredible photo-gallery of Jessica Sarkisian is about to make you enthralled. For photo lovers, interested in buying the great collections of nature photography, this is the ideal Boutique in Colorado.

By profession, a budding pilot, Jessica’s plenteous air travel opportunities, her creative mind and photographic sense wonderfully synchronizes with her great obsession for photography. Clicking and capturing astounding photographs of valley of flowers, magnificence of mountain ranges and aerial view of metropolitans, distant mountain locations are all that magnetizes her all time. Imagine the travel history of Jessica Sarkisian that states her long time association with major airline companies and meanwhile she has covered more than 36 countries worldwide. In her photo gallery one can find plentiful fantastic photographs captured from many unusual destinations that she has covered.

If you distinguish a lively woman sitting at the front of Airbus 320, with a hanging camera fastened with strap around her neck; she is always having a keen eye to the heavenly natural beauties, and also busy in capturing the striking scenes of landscape, be sure the lady is none butJessica Sarkisian. She enjoys aerial and floral photography. Jessica believes that her professional life of an airline pilot has stretched her scopes of capturing pictures of remarkable scenes that are basically in-flight photographs. Eventually, her love for photography has transformed her as a professional photographer. In 2014, December, the exclusive photo collections of Jessica were displayed at the art gallery of Balanced Body Center, Denver, Colorado. Those who have missed that opportunity to see Jessica’s open exhibition, can just wait and can inquire for her forthcoming program. However, you can always see and buy her photos at Birds & Belles Boutique.

This photo lover airline pilot Jessica Sarkisian was born in the city Boston MA while she is now settled in Denver. This is an ideal place for Jessica where she enjoys huge scopes to undertake her grand outdoor and hiking programs, especially when she is not flying. She gets great pleasure while hiking and capturing majestic views. Jessica enjoys foreign trips, visiting the unknown cities and mountaineering that offer unique opportunity to capture photographs of amazing landscapes.

In recent years, she has undergone an extended trip in the majestic world of Machu Picchu and Patagonian. With this, Jessica is now equipped with her ‘super-genius’ photo collections clicked out of mountains like Nepal, Chile and Colorado. Jessica’s major photographs are taken from the states Alaska and Colorado, United States. Those who are interested to see the magnificent photo gallery of Jessica can come down at the show room of Denver or contact Jessica directly.